B&J Catalano Alertness & Productivity Program (APP)


July, 2013 – We all feel the effects of fatigue at some stage during our working week. Operator and driver fatigue is responsible for significant injuries, incidents and equipment damage throughout the mining industry. Avoiding fatigue is especially important for maintaining a safe workplace and reducing their serious occurrences.

Late in 2012, B&J Catalano proved their proactivity in attempting to prevent and better manage their employees fatigue levels with the implementation of an innovative hi-tech cap, called “SmartCap”. From first sight, it appears to be a standard cap – but within, it actually holds a sensor across the wearer’s forehead to monitor signs of fatigue and assess the level of alertness. The caps track tiredness at an individual level, providing quantitative data that is transmitted to a display device. The information gives the individual their own fatigue ratings, bringing to attention their level of fatigue.

“…a more alert employee leads to a safer and more engaged workforce…”

After a few months of assessing the concept of “SmartCap”, B&J Catalano are now developing the next generation of fatigue monitoring – taking a more proactive approach and concentrating on the dynamics of alertness and the preventatives to fatigue. B&J Catalano, as a company, have recognised that a more alert employee, leads to a safer and more engaged workforce. By recognising the characteristic of when an employee is most alert and productive, allows measures to be put in place, to prevent the employee in getting to the stage of feeling fatigued.

The application and technology of “SmartCap” has proven to be operator centric – therefore providing information on an individual level, rather than a generalist approach. This enables each operator to observe their own level of alertness and develop specific strategies in maintaining a safe and productive working condition.

B&J Catalano is excited for the next stage in their fatigue management program and will be implementing across all sites. The company will be utilising current technological innovations and supplying each of our Supervisors with iPhones. To further capture a technological approach, we will be developing an application (APP) to be used on the iPhones, to ensure the company receives critical feedback to help develop the most alert and productive 
workplace possible.


Why count microsleeps when you can prevent them?