Bluetooth safety

SmartCap uses a standard, commonly available, pre-certified Bluetooth module. The specifications of the module can be found here.

With respect to electromagnetic safety compliance, SmartCap carries the necessary logos and associated declarations of conformity for each jurisdiction.

The FCC database provides the most comprehensive, readily available documentation regarding SmartCap compliance. This can be accessed through this link, followed by a search for documents labelled “LMX9838”. All entries dated post 2010 are relevant to SmartCap.

FCC compliance confirms that there are no known adverse health effects of long-term SmartCap use. For added peace-of-mind, some users like to know that the SmartCap Bluetooth module is only transmitting approximately 0.4% of the time while the product is in use, as part of normal battery-saving behaviour.

EEG safety

As you know, EEG is both well-established and safe for patients, as confirmed in this article by Healthline. Unlike clinical EEG which requires scalp preparation using conductive gels, SmartCap uses patented dry-electrode technology that embodies passive EEG.

SmartCap EEG does not require a fixed ear reference, and there are no gels, clips or exposed electrodes whatsoever. The dry electrodes are integrated into or attached to standard headwear, and do not require tension or pressure above a normal, comfortable degree for normal fashion headwear.

Why count microsleeps when you can prevent them?