• PRESS RELEASE: Sano Health and SmartCap Technologies

    28th April, 2017


    Underground Mine Adopts Life by SmartCap Program  

    Brisbane, Australia- 27 April, 2017– An underground mine in Western Australia will be taking part in a 60-day Life by SmartCap program with assistance from Sano Health, a leading provider of workplace health and wellness programs.


    Both SmartCap Technologies and Sano Health believe health and wellness of employees are paramount for maintaining a safe work environment. Sano Health offers their clients a range of health and wellness programs, this includes fatigue management system development.


    The Life by SmartCap App will benefit operators by providing real-time fatigue alerts anywhere, anytime. The Life App is paired with the LifeBand which can fit into any type of headwear or can alternatively be worn comfortably on its own. SmartCap’s product offering aids wellness initiatives on site and empowers workers to be their own fatigue manager.


    SmartCap and Sano Health will guide operators throughout the 60-day initiative as they embark on a two-phase program. The first phase will comprise of data collection to determine a baseline. The following phase focuses on educating operators on the real-time fatigue alerts they will receive while using Life.


    SmartCap Technologies Sales Manager Mr. Simon Wheeler shared his thoughts on the pilot, “This is a great opportunity to work together with Sano Health. This initiative will demonstrate the flexibility of Life while operating in an underground mining environment. Life acts as an operator’s co-driver and assists them throughout their shift so they get home safe, every day.”


    “At Sano Health, we understand prevention is much more effective than a reactive based fatigue management system. This is what caught our eye when it came to the SmartCap technology in ensuring crew members are able to manage their fatigue before fatigue related symptoms are developed. This is an exciting venture to work alongside SmartCap to create a safer workplace and aim for zero fatigue related incidents whilst on site” said Mr. Luke Daniher, Health Manager, Sano Health.

  • Why you should add 7 hours sleep to your fitness goals

    13th April, 2017

    How getting less than 7 hours sleep at night could be hindering those long hours put in at the gym


    We all do it, get behind the wheel after a rough night’s sleep and then top ourselves up on caffeine to get through a long day at work. Somewhere in the chaos of all life’s commitments, some of us try to squeeze in that run or quick session at the gym. 

    Fatigue is one of the leading causes of road accidents, a fact which is well-known by the majority of drivers. However, being sleep deprived can impact on other areas of our lives and this includes our relationship with food. The evidence suggests that our waistlines are definitely not thanking us. 

    Research from one study discovered that there was a relationship between a lack of sleep and food in take, as well as making bad food choices (Knutson, Spiegel, Penev, & Van Cauter. 2007)¹. The metabolic disturbances identified mean that less than 7hrs sleep has been hindering our sweaty expeditions to a trimmer figure. 

    How does this all work exactly? The pleasure and satisfaction felt when we eat is heightened and this leads to making poorer health choices (Hanlon, Tasali, Leproult, Stuhr, Doncheck, de Wit, . Hillard, Cauter, 2016)². Our endocannabinoid system is responsible for our sense of appetite and regulates our hunger. Lack of sleep can effect this system and the hormone leptin that signals fullness in compromised.
    Sleep Deprived Driving
    Even more interesting is that the study conducted by the University of Chicago compared the food cravings we experience when we’re tired, to the cravings experienced by individuals that use marijuana. 

    So why do we continue to deprive ourselves of those vital 7 hours of sleep?

    Sleep is seen to be a luxury in our lives and this is simply an attitude which needs to change. Research has identified the number of safety and health risks we face when we do not get enough sleep.

    When we don’t prioritize those 7 hours of sleep we put ourselves and other drivers at risk when we get behind the wheel, but when we push ourselves to the limit we are also compromising our health and wellbeing .

    The evidence is clear, sleep is a necessity not a luxury but the rest (literally) is up to us. Start off small, maybe get to bed 15 minutes earlier, your body will thank you for it. 



    ¹  Knutson KL1, Spiegel K, Penev P, Van Cauter E. ‘The metabolic consequences of sleep deprivation’ Sleep Med Rev. 2007Jun;11(3):163-78. Epub 2007 Apr 17

    ² Erin C. Hanlon, PhD, Esra Tasali, MD, Rachel Leproult, PhD, Kara L. Stuhr, BS, Elizabeth Doncheck, BS, Harriet de Wit, PhD, Cecilia J. Hillard, PhD, Eve Van Cauter, PhD; ‘Sleep Restriction Enhances the Daily Rhythm of Circulating Levels of Endocannabinoid 2-Arachidonoylglycerol.’ Sleep 2016; 39 (3): 653-664. doi: 10.5665/sleep.5546


  • PRESS RELEASE: SmartCap Technologies’ Fatigue Monitoring Solution Introduced to the Geotab Marketplace

    29th March, 2017

    Life App Integration Enhances Driver and Road Safety


    Toronto, Ontario – 29 March, 2017 – SmartCap Technologies, the thought leaders in fatigue management, today announced the availability of their Life by SmartCap App on the Geotab Marketplace, a go-to source for top organizations requiring GPS fleet management and vehicle tracking solutions.

    The cloud-hosted analytics gathers the broadest spectrum of fatigue data including everything from company-wide holistic trends to individual profiling. With real-time alerts delivered in MyGeotab, managers and dispatchers have powerful insight for decision support, risk mitigation and operational efficiencies.

    Life by SmartCap is a world leading, effective fatigue monitoring solution for reducing risk, increasing safety and efficiency while improving driver retention through health and wellness programs.

    The Life by SmartCap App works hand in hand with the wearable EEG LifeBand to provide real-time fatigue level alerts anywhere, anytime via Bluetooth®. Installed on your preferred device, the Life App provides the driver with actionable visual and audible alerts on a user-friendly interface, allowing them to proactively manage their own alertness.

    SmartCap Technologies Director of Sales, Brady Marcus, shared his thoughts on the new alliance, “Our partnership with Geotab reflects our shared goal of providing safer roads that get everyone home safe every day, while increasing productivity and efficiency.”

    “Discovering new tools to improve on-road safety is a consistent focus for Geotab. With real-time fatigue monitoring alerts, Life by SmartCap will not only help improve driver safety, but is also a true testament to the innovative technology available on the Geotab Marketplace,” said Joey Marlow, Vice President of U.S. Operations.

    The Geotab Marketplace is a robust complement to the MyGeotab platform that provides customers with an extensive ecosystem of valuable business-focused applications and add-ons. Utilized by companies with fleets large and small, the Marketplace offers key applications to more than 14,000 Geotab customers and is on track to feature over 200 third party applications by the end of the year, further solidifying the company’s leadership in commercial telematics.

    To learn more about the Geotab Marketplace and its complement to MyGeotab, please visit www.geotab.com/marketplace.



    About Geotab

    Geotab securely connects commercial vehicles to the internet, providing advanced web-based analytics to better manage your fleet. Geotab’s open platform and Marketplace, offering hundreds of third-party solution options, allows both small and large businesses to automate operations by integrating vehicle data with a company’s other data assets. As an IoT hub, the in-vehicle device provides additional functionality through IOX Add-Ons. Processing more than 1 billion data points a day, Geotab leverages big data and machine learning to improve productivity, optimize fleets through the reduction of fuel consumption, enhance driver safety, and achieve stronger compliance to regulatory changes. The company’s products are represented and sold worldwide through its Authorized Geotab Resellers. To learn more, please visit www.geotab.com and follow us @GEOTAB and on LinkedIn.


    About SmartCap Technologies

    SmartCap Technologies produces a headband that can be easily integrated into any headwear (cap, hardhat, beanie or worn as a headband). The wearable technology uses the gold standard in sleep science, EEG technology to measure brain activity to determine an individual’s alertness and fatigue levels. Our previous product the SmartCap has been used across 5 different continents and has been adopted by several industries, including trucking. In 2016 our new product Life by SmartCap was launched along with the Life App that can connect to the LifeBand via Bluetooth. Users are able to be their own fatigue manager and monitor their fatigue anywhere, anytime. The headband is now self-serviceable and has 7x longer battery life. To learn more, please visit www.smartcaptech.com and follow us @smartcaponline and on LinkedIn.


    For all media inquiries please contact Ms. Kristy Hamilton:


  • PRESS RELEASE: Companies in India combat fatigue using life-saving technology

    22nd February, 2017

    Vareli Tecnac and SmartCap Technologies experience success three months into partnership


    Brisbane, QLD Australia – 21 February 2017 – Nokia’s manufacturing plant in Chennai, is one of the first organisations in India that will commence using Life by SmartCap, the world’s most effective fatigue monitoring solution. The strategic partnership between SmartCap Technologies & Vareli Tecnac has helped them solidify their position in the Indian market.

    Following the successful launch of Life by SmartCap at IMME 2016, Nokia was the first organization to place an order with Vareli Tecnac. Both SmartCap and Vareli Tecnac consider the increasing amount of interest in the product a reassuring sign that companies are eager to utilize the sophisticated technology that will get their employees home safe, every day.

    Vareli Tecnac’s Vice President Mr. Uday Banerjee stated “Fatigue is one of the biggest killers on India’s roads and the introduction of SmartCap’s new product Life has come at a time when there is an urgency for an innovative solution.”.

    Road safety issues, including drowsy driving, have plagued the region for a number of years. In 2015, the country recorded the highest number of accidents in the world and over the 365 days 15,633 children were killed.

    The drive home after a long shift makes supplying an accurate fatigue monitoring solution crucial for the region, after recent government data was released stating that on average, 16 people tragically lose their lives every hour on India’s roads.

    “We are pleased that so many organisations have approached Vareli and expressed their interest in implementing SmartCap Technologies fatigue monitoring system” Mr. Banerjee said.

    Vareli Tecnac and SmartCap Technologies are determined to make their mark in the region by arming drivers with a wearable device that will not only get users home safe every day, but other road users as well.

    SmartCap Technologies are the thought leaders behind the world’s leading fatigue monitoring solution and Life by SmartCap is the only wearable available that offers accurate fatigue monitoring anywhere, anytime. Currently, their first generation product the SmartCap and newest edition Life is used across 5 different continents. Field tested and validated, SmartCap’s technology boasts a 94.7% accuracy rate and empowers users by giving them real-time fatigue level readings using EEG technology.


    For all media inquiries please contact Ms. Kristy Hamilton:


    Nokia's Chennai Plant implements fatigue monitoring solution Life by SmartCap (Pictured).

    Nokia’s Chennai Plant implements fatigue monitoring solution Life by SmartCap (Pictured).


  • PRESS RELEASE: Fatigue will soon be an issue of the past for Malaysia’s drivers

    15th February, 2017

    Active Telematics and SmartCap Technologies Announce their International Alliance


    Brisbane, QLD Australia – 15 February 2017 – SmartCap Technologies, the thought leaders in driver fatigue, have announced their new partnership with Malaysia’s leading telematics solution provider, Active Telematics as their distributor to the Malaysian market.

    Since 2014, Active Telematics have continuously provided their esteemed customers with quality solutions and exceptional product support. Combining Active Telematics vision and SmartCap Technologies passion for providing drivers with sophisticated fatigue monitoring technology, both organization’s hope to have a strong influence on fatigue management in the region.

    The need for technologies to make drivers safer is stronger than ever. Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai stated in January of this year that Malaysian roads were getting more deadly. During 2016 7,152 fatalities were reported, a significant jump from 6,706 in 2015. The frightening figures indicate that more needs to be done to target the major causes of road accidents, including fatigue.

    Active Telematics and SmartCap Technologies are working together to not just provide a fatigue monitoring solution to the Malaysian market, but to also help with the behavioral change of drivers and operators with their unique product – Life by SmartCap.  

    Active Telematics Co-Founder and Managing Director Mr. Omar Hatmi elaborated on the goals of the new alliance saying ‘Active Telematics delivers solutions where driver behaviour information is a key focus, along with vehicle performance and utilization’.

    ‘SmartCap is an essential tool for drivers and fleet owners to know the real-time condition of driver fatigue and how to make daily operations safer. We are confident our customers will see the immediate results when they implement SmartCap in their fleets’ Mr. Hatmi said.


    For all media inquiries please contact Ms. Kristy Hamilton:


    SmartCap gets truckers home safe, every day.

    SmartCap gets truckers home safe, every day.

  • SmartCap Featured on Innovations with Ed Begley Jr.

    7th February, 2017

    On the 28th of January 2017. SmartCap’s segment on Innovations with Ed Begley Jr. featured on the FOX Business Channel. 

    It featured exclusive interviews with members of the SmartCap Technologies team including CEO Mr. Dush Wimal and CTO/Inventor Dr. Daniel Bongers. 


    If you missed out on the episode hit play! 

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  • PRESS RELEASE: Companies make Life by SmartCap a part of their New Year’s resolution

    1st February, 2017

    Brisbane, QLD Australia – 1 February 2017- Companies across Australia, Africa and the U.S. have started off the new year with SmartCap Technologies innovative wearable, Life by SmartCap, to better manage the fatigue risk of their operators.

    The comprehensive Life by SmartCap product suite started off 2017 strong after successful field testing of the sophisticated system since it’s late 2016 launch at MINExpo in Las Vegas.

    Feedback from SmartCap Technologies current customers in NSW, Australia showed that 80% of operators agreed the LifeBand was comfortable to wear and 86% of those that had used the first generation SmartCap product wanted to switch permanently to Life.

    Introducing the Life App to work hand in hand with the LifeBand empowers operators to manage their own fatigue anywhere, anytime. Life enables operators to monitor their fatigue to and from site on their own mobile device, in addition to the new ruggedized and dedicated in-vehicle Android based Life Display.

    SmartCap Technologies have always believed that personal responsibility plays an important role in managing individual fatigue risk. Real-time alerts and individual reports present fatigue level data in a way which is easy for operators to understand.

    The increasing interest in Life by SmartCap is a reassuring sign that companies are making their operators health, wellness and safety a priority for 2017 whether they are onsite, or offsite.

    SmartCap Technologies VP of Global Sales Mr. Darryn Fisher shared his optimism and said “I am pleased and impressed that global organisations are becoming increasingly aware and leading the way in addressing fatigue risk in today’s working environment.”

    “SmartCap is proud to partner with global industry leaders to deliver such an important initiative and get more operators home safe, every day.” Mr. Fisher said.

    Anyone seeking further information about Life by SmartCap can head to the SmartCap Technologies website or email the company directly at .



    For all media inquiries please contact Ms. Kristy Hamilton:

  • PRESS RELEASE: Life by SmartCap: the solution to fatigue management problems in the workplace

    23rd December, 2016


    Brisbane, QLD Australia – 23 December 2016- Fatigue management in the mining industry has come into question after a central Queensland coal miner was awarded over a $1million in damages, following his fatigue related accident on the way home from a 12-hour shift.

    While existing fatigue monitoring technologies lack the capability of providing monitoring on the way to and from work.  SmartCap Technologies product, Life has overcome that limitation by introducing a fatigue monitoring wearable to the market that can be used anywhere, anytime and has the lowest false-alarm rate in the industry, with a 94.7% level of accuracy.

    The LifeBand worn on the user’s head syncs via Bluetooth to their smartphone and this is the key to SmartCap’s successful new product. The introduction of the Life App provides real-time fatigue measurements and allows users to be their own fatigue manager, even when they are offsite.  

    SmartCap Technologies founder and CTO Dr. Daniel Bongers elaborated on the advantages of the new product stating “Our product is not tied to the vehicle or plant like fixed/mounted technologies, Life goes where you go. An operator can finish a shift on site, and use Life to help manage their fatigue on the journey home” he said.

    “Life measures risk directly from brain activity, it is able to detect progression toward eyes-open microsleeps, which are undetectable by camera technologies.” he said.

    Life by SmartCap has the ability to revolutionise fatigue management across a number of industries and most importantly get workers home safe, every day. Anyone interested in finding out more about SmartCap’s new product can head to their website www.smartcaptech.com.


    For all media inquiries please contact Ms. Kristy Hamilton:


  • PRESS RELEASE: SmartCap joins forces with Vareli Tecnac to tackle fatigue in India’s mining industry

    22nd December, 2016

    IMME 2016

    International Mining and Machinery Exhibition 2016, Kolkata-India. (From Left) SmartCap VP of Global Sales Mr. Darryn Fisher with Vareli Tecnac VP of National Resources Mr. Uday Banerjee.

    Brisbane, QLD Australia – 22 December 2016-SmartCap Technologies, the thought leaders in driver fatigue, are pleased to announce our new partnership with India’s leading IT solution provider Vareli Tecnac as our distributor to the Indian mining market. With our shared focus on providing innovative technologies to this growing region, SmartCap & Vareli hope to have a strong influence on the mining industry.

    In recent times, India’s mining industry has progressed with investment in technologies that prioritize worker’s safety and wellness, reduce risk, and improve operating performance. Both Vareli and SmartCap recognize a need in the market for accurate wearable technology that eliminates microsleeps and ultimately reduces the number of fatigue-related incidents and fatalities in the workplace.

    VP of SmartCap’s Global Sales Mr. Darryn Fisher, shared his thoughts on the new alliance “On the back of a very strong year across many global mining regions this partnership between Vareli Tecnac and SmartCap offers a wonderful opportunity to further our mission of getting everyone home safe every day.” 

    One of those opportunities included SmartCap being invited to showcase their new product Life by SmartCap at Vareli’s booth at the International Mining and Machinery Exhibition in Kolkata, India. The four-day exhibition which took place in early November of this year featured 400+ exhibitors, 10,000+ business visitors and an exhibition display area that covered 100,000 square meters.

    The peaked interest in workplace safety technologies was evident during the event, with many people stopping in their tracks to learn more about the new SmartCap product. “I was very pleased to see the amount of interest by the industry and investment by Australian companies at IMME with the Austrade area being a hive of activity throughout the event.” Mr. Fisher said.

    This new partnership provides SmartCap with the opportunity to collaborate and develop new long-term business relationships with some of Vareli’s partners. This includes companies like Wenco International Mining Systems, that specialize in providing leading solutions for fleet management, production optimization and high-precision machine guidance, real time asset health monitoring and dispatch operations. Another notable partner of Vareli’s is Australian manufacturing company Motium, that design high quality components for computing solutions in transportation, automotive and rugged environments.


    For more information, contact SmartCap Marketing Manager Ms. Kristy Hamilton at kristy.hamilton@smartcaptech.com. 


    For more information about:

    Vareli Tecnac: http://www.vareli.co.in/index.html

    Wenco International Mining Systems: http://www.wencomine.com/

    Motium: http://www.motium.com/

  • PRESS RELEASE: SmartCap Announced as a finalist in the 8th Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup

    14th December, 2016


    Brisbane, QLD Australia – 14 December 2016- SmartCawt-iwc-finalist-safety-securityp Technologies are excited to announce that it has been named as a finalist in the 8th Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup. SmartCap Technologies is a finalist in both the Smart Clothing and the Safety & Security categories for its new product Life by SmartCap.

    With over 400 wearable solutions submitted from across the globe, the SmartCap team are thrilled about being one of the few finalists. Out of the 29 nominated finalists, only 6 will be awarded as WT Innovators of the Year 2017.

    Founder and CTO of SmartCap Technologies Dr. Daniel Bongers said, “We are incredibly proud to be nominated for this award, and truly appreciate being recognized for our innovative approach to helping everyone get home safe, every day.”

    SmartCap’s nominations follow its recent success at the 2016 Queensland Export Awards, where it was named Queensland Exporter of the Year and also won in the Health and Biotechnology category.

    The swt-iwc-finalist-smart-clothingix WT Innovators of the year will be selected at the 20th Wearable Technologies Conference in Munich on February 7th 2017.



    For all media enquiries please contact Ms. Kristy Hamilton on +61 7 3870 2554 or email kristy.hamilton@smartcaptech.com