• SmartCap in an Office Environment

    6th July, 2015

    While SmartCap is mostly used in the mining and trucking sectors Fairfax reporter Peter Ker tests how SmartCap performs throughout the day in an office environment. Given SmartCap’s ability to measure alertness it is only a matter of time before users in all sorts of workplaces adopt the technology. High pressure roles such as nurses, surgeons, stockbrokers, lawyers, police and defence forces could all use SmartCap as their personal fatigue warning system.

  • SmartCap racks up half a million hours.

    13th April, 2015

    Australian miners pass 500,000 hours of monitoring operator fatigue with SmartCap.

    SmartCap has reached a significant milestone with more than 500,000 hours of operator hours captured by a major coal mining company in Australia. SmartCap has been deployed by a number of mining companies to monitor fatigue among operators in order to minimise safety incidents related to fatigue. SmartCap is a unique technology that measures brainwaves utilising electroencephalograph or EEG technology. By detecting the very low voltages that are generated on the skin due to brain activity SmartCap is able to analyse the EEG data and determine a corresponding level of alertness.

  • Welcome to the Cloud

    13th April, 2015

    SmartCap Technologies has developed SmartCap Remote that utilizes 3G or 4G networks allowing for remote monitoring of operator fatigue in real time.

  • Coal & Allied fighting fatigue with the SmartCap

    31st May, 2014

    May 2014 – NSW Mining video on Coal & Allied approach to fatigue management

  • SmartCap gains traction with miners

    1st September, 2013

    Sep 1, 2013 – The SmartCap fatigue monitoring technology is taking off around the world, with major mining companies implementing the solution across numerous sites, and EdanSafe successfully attracting early stage investment.

  • Australian Reef Pilots Don ‘SmartCap’ Fatigue Monitors

    15th August, 2013

    Aug 15, 2013 – Pilotage service providers, Australian Reef Pilots (ARP) has embraced world-first brainwave technology in what they say is the pursuit of an ultimate objective of best practice maritime safety standards.

    ARP is trialling the Australian-developed SmartCap system, a unique piece of headwear which monitors brain activity to indicate fatigue levels.

  • B&J Catalano Alertness & Productivity Program (APP)

    1st July, 2013

    July, 2013 – We all feel the effects of fatigue at some stage during our working week. Operator and driver fatigue is responsible for significant injuries, incidents and equipment damage throughout the mining industry. Avoiding fatigue is especially important for maintaining a safe workplace and reducing their serious occurrences.

  • Hi-tech cap helps Coal & Allied truck drivers work smarter to manage fatigue

    20th May, 2013

    Truck drivers at Coal & Allied’s Hunter Valley Operations have started wearing an innovative hi-tech cap to better manage their fatigue levels and reduce the risk of accidents.