Our First Generation Product

The SmartCap system is a fatigue monitoring tool for vehicle drivers or operators of heavy vehicles that provides real-time measurements of fatigue, based on direct physiological measurement rather than estimation via measures of related symptoms.
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The SmartCap can be worn as a cap, hat, beanie, headband or other headwear variant that is fitted with a sophisticated removable sensor. The SmartCap is capable of reading electrical brain activity (EEG) and processing that information to determine an individual’s fatigue (alertness/drowsiness) level. The system operates inside the cabin of a (heavy) vehicle and uses a Bluetooth wireless connection to transmit data from the SmartCap to an in-cab display.


How does SmartCap work?

Wearable technology
  • Made for comfort.
  • Choose a style that suits you.
  • Put it on & Off you go!
Plug & Play
  • Easy to install.
  • Attach to your dash.
  • Instantly records data.
  • Monitors you all day long.
  • 100m range.
EEG/Brain Wave Technology
  • Designed and manufactured to keep you safe SmartCap uses state of the art brainwave technology to accurately determine your alertness.
  • SmartCap accurately determines your alertness.
Health Benefits
  • Regular reports reinforce personal responsibility.
  • Allows progress tracking to support wellness initiatives.
Washing Machine Safe
  • Wear. Wash. Rinse & Repeat.
  • Headwear built to last and can be treated like your everyday hat.


System Components




SmartCap is worn like a typical baseball cap. Each operator is provided with their own, low-cost cap and SmartCap electronics. The Processor card, a small matchbox sized package is inserted in a connector on the cap or headband. Drivers keep their own cap with them and insert a card into the dock of their cap once inside the cab.

SmartCap Display

The operator display provides real time information to the operator and relays visual and audio alarms if specific fatigue criteria are met. The display can be used without communications and has on-board storage to ensure that critical fatigue data is never lost.



Processor Card

SmartCap Processor cards as the name suggests is where the processing takes place by turning EEG information into fatigue levels. Sophisticated algorithms are stored on the card that allow brainwaves to be turned into meaningful and useful information that is used to warn operators of potential risks. The processor card communicates using Bluetooth.

Back-to-Base Communication

SmartCap also has the option to provide real time monitoring of alarms where communication is available. For users with 3G/4G connectivity or access to a Wi Fi network, data can be sent to a centralised location for real time monitoring of the entire fleet. Even when machines are out of range of communications information is stored on-board and will automatically send when the machine comes back in range. Data can be stored on any storage device including SmartCap Cloud.



The SmartCap Range




Early detection is critical to eliminating fatigue incidents.

See the science behind Smart Cap technology