What is Fatigue Manager?

SmartCap Fatigue Manager is a tool for supervisors and managers to remotely monitor the SmartCap units deployed within the fleet. It provides an additional layer of fatigue alarming to ensure the most flexibility for each site to effectively monitor and manage fatigue in the workforce.

SmartCap Technologies offer a locally as well as a cloud hosted Fatigue Manager. When hosted in the cloud, the server, applications, maintenance and installation are fully managed and supported by SmartCap Technologies. The Fatigue Manager is available using any web browser with internet connection. It offers a range of password protected user types ensuring both operator privacy and access to configure settings suitable to each site.

When hosted locally Fatigue Manager access is limited to devices on the company network.


What CAN you do with Fatigue Manager?

Ok-64 (1) Monitor fatigue levels of the entire fleet in real-time.

Ok-64 (1) Configure fatigue alarms for equipment operators.

Ok-64 (1) Configure fatigue alarms for Fatigue Manager users.

Ok-64 (1) Review the fatigue history of individual operators (restricted to limited users for privacy.)

Ok-64 (1) Identify when units are offline.

Ok-64 (1) Identify when operators are not using their SmartCap.

Ok-64 (1) Perform major software upgrades on SmartCap units installed in trucks remotely.

What can you NOT do with Fatigue Manager?

Cancel-52  See brainwave information of SmartCap users. The system provides fatigue information only.

Cancel-52  Send text messages to individual operators or SmartCap displays.




Early detection is critical to eliminating fatigue incidents.

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