Internal Validation  


Monash University- Evaluation of SmartCap

Monash University’s Accident Research Centre in collaboration with the Institute of Breathing & Sleep based at Melbourne’s Austin Hospital conducted an internal validation study of SmartCap. The study determined that SmartCap’s technology was 94.7% accurate in detecting significant impairment due to fatigue when compared with the Oxford Sleep Resistance test.


External Validation 


University of Chile- SmartCap Validation

Researchers in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Chile conducted an external validation study of SmartCap. The purpose of the study was to establish the extent to which the signals detected by SmartCap align with clinical EEG, and also to determine whether large data sets captured in a field setting reflect the circadian patterns expected. As expected, the primary findings were:

  • SmartCap utilises signals that reliably represent EEG; and
  • SmartCap data, when analysed by time of day, adequately reflects the expected circadian patterns.






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