Welcome to the Cloud

SmartCap Technologies has developed SmartCap Remote that utilizes 3G or 4G networks allowing for remote monitoring of operator fatigue in real time.

SmartCap has joined the cloud revolution offering a cloud based version of the lifesaving, fatigue monitoring technology. The cloud version provides a platform that previously required expensive server installations and dedicated server management. SmartCap is a predictive technology that provides operators fatigue monitoring by alerting operators when they are at risk of a micro sleep. Originally developed with the mining industry SmartCap Remote provides functionality required in the road and transport space.

Paul Butler EdanSafe’s Chief Executive Officer – Cloud based and mobile solutions of SmartCap is what the transport industry has been crying out for. The industry wanted a predictive, fatigue monitoring technology that empowers the operator to manage their fatigue and that is what SmartCap has provided.

It is a well-documented fact driver Fatigue is one of the major contributor to road accidents and accidents in many industries. Global studies estimate that fatigue or sleep related crashes could be a contributing factor in up to 50% of all road crashes. SmartCap’s range of products provide numerous options for individual operators to manage their own fatigue all the way to large organizations managing multiple vehicles in real time. Advances in technology including cloud technologies provide multiple advantages such as the ability to store fatigue data in one central location regardless of where the trucks are operating. For National or international carriers this means the entire fleets could be monitored from one single location.

Cassie Harris, SmartCap Operations Manager – SmartCap provides all the tools for not only the operator to manage their own fatigue but to also provide some higher level management. You can have a person sitting in Brisbane who is monitoring operators in every state of Australia in real time. Fatigue severely effects our ability to make sensible and sound decisions so having the ability to remotely monitor trends and fatigue alarms provides another level of safety.

SmartCaps unique brainwave measuring technology uses electroencephalograph or EEG technology. By detecting the very low voltages that are generated on the skin due to brain activity, the system analyses the EEG data and determines a corresponding level of alertness. The SmartCap measures something very specific – an individual’s ability to resist sleep. A microsleep occurs when we fail to resist sleep; they don’t occur when we choose to rest. For people operating equipment, resisting sleep is a natural, sometimes subconscious behaviour. It is when our ability to resist sleep diminishes that we become at risk of a microsleep. This is why ability to resist sleep is the most relevant safety measure for equipment operators.

According to Daniel Bongers, SmartCap’s Chief Technical Officer it is a truly unique technology. SmartCap is a predictive technology that is a proven life saver. Unlike other systems like cameras that look to lag indicators, SmartCap will provide warnings before microsleeps occur.


The cloud based solution brings a whole new level of ease to the end user. Once an operator receives their SmartCap product they simply turn it on and wear the cap. SmartCap set up the rest and can even provide training via online tutorials. If you want to analyse your fatigue data then it is as simple as logging into Fatigue Manager via the web. Fatigue Manager is the software application from SmartCap that provides reporting and allows for the configuration of specific alarms.

SmartCap is used in the transport, freight, construction and mining industries in both the private & public sectors. The companies using SmartCap rely on the technology as part of a comprehensive fatigue risk management solution to improve safety and develop strategies to support operators to proactively manage their own fatigue.

Why count microsleeps when you can prevent them?