A large over-the-road trucking company headquartered in the United States piloted SmartCap as part of their efforts to reduce loss events associated with fatigue.

The pilot was used to:

  • assess the scalability of processes.
  • gauge driver feedback.
  • The pilot was carried out at two terminals in the dedicated refrigerated division, which was selected based on the diversity of typical rostered working hours at each terminal; one terminal operated predominantly at night time, while the other incorporated 24/7 operations.

Original Install Date: The SmartCap pilot began in July 2018 and took three months.
Number of Trucks and Drivers: 87 vehicles and 87 drivers were involved.
Hours or Miles in Pilot: The duration of the pilot was 8,730 hours and approximately 520,000 miles (835,000 km).


Highlights from the completed pilot include:

  • There were zero fatigue incidents for SmartCap drivers.
  • Early warning actions were 93.1% effective.
  • There was a 62.4% reduction in fatigue alarms over the three-month pilot.
  • No service failures were associated with “stop and stretch” interventions.
  • Drivers, driver leaders and schedulers engaged positively with the pilot.

“I recommend that all drivers should be required to wear this to better understand their fatigue.” – Driver

“The system performed exactly how you said it would and we have no doubt that the technology works.” – Senior Safety Manager

“I can see how this system could really help prevent accidents. Fatigue is a constant struggle for everyone and anything that can help manage that would be great.” – Driver Leader