• PRESS RELEASE: Companies make Life by SmartCap a part of their New Year’s resolution

    1st February, 2017

    Brisbane, QLD Australia – 1 February 2017- Companies across Australia, Africa and the U.S. have started off the new year with SmartCap Technologies innovative wearable, Life by SmartCap, to better manage the fatigue risk of their operators.

    The comprehensive Life by SmartCap product suite started off 2017 strong after successful field testing of the sophisticated system since it’s late 2016 launch at MINExpo in Las Vegas.

    Feedback from SmartCap Technologies current customers in NSW, Australia showed that 80% of operators agreed the LifeBand was comfortable to wear and 86% of those that had used the first generation SmartCap product wanted to switch permanently to Life.

    Introducing the Life App to work hand in hand with the LifeBand empowers operators to manage their own fatigue anywhere, anytime. Life enables operators to monitor their fatigue to and from site on their own mobile device, in addition to the new ruggedized and dedicated in-vehicle Android based Life Display.

    SmartCap Technologies have always believed that personal responsibility plays an important role in managing individual fatigue risk. Real-time alerts and individual reports present fatigue level data in a way which is easy for operators to understand.

    The increasing interest in Life by SmartCap is a reassuring sign that companies are making their operators health, wellness and safety a priority for 2017 whether they are onsite, or offsite.

    SmartCap Technologies VP of Global Sales Mr. Darryn Fisher shared his optimism and said “I am pleased and impressed that global organisations are becoming increasingly aware and leading the way in addressing fatigue risk in today’s working environment.”

    “SmartCap is proud to partner with global industry leaders to deliver such an important initiative and get more operators home safe, every day.” Mr. Fisher said.

    Anyone seeking further information about Life by SmartCap can head to the SmartCap Technologies website or email the company directly at .



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    SmartCap Technologies
  • PRESS RELEASE: Life by SmartCap: the solution to fatigue management problems in the workplace

    23rd December, 2016


    Brisbane, QLD Australia – 23 December 2016- Fatigue management in the mining industry has come into question after a central Queensland coal miner was awarded over a $1million in damages, following his fatigue related accident on the way home from a 12-hour shift.

    While existing fatigue monitoring technologies lack the capability of providing monitoring on the way to and from work.  SmartCap Technologies product, Life has overcome that limitation by introducing a fatigue monitoring wearable to the market that can be used anywhere, anytime and has the lowest false-alarm rate in the industry, with a 94.7% level of accuracy.

    The LifeBand worn on the user’s head syncs via Bluetooth to their smartphone and this is the key to SmartCap’s successful new product. The introduction of the Life App provides real-time fatigue measurements and allows users to be their own fatigue manager, even when they are offsite.  

    SmartCap Technologies founder and CTO Dr. Daniel Bongers elaborated on the advantages of the new product stating “Our product is not tied to the vehicle or plant like fixed/mounted technologies, Life goes where you go. An operator can finish a shift on site, and use Life to help manage their fatigue on the journey home” he said.

    “Life measures risk directly from brain activity, it is able to detect progression toward eyes-open microsleeps, which are undetectable by camera technologies.” he said.

    Life by SmartCap has the ability to revolutionise fatigue management across a number of industries and most importantly get workers home safe, every day. Anyone interested in finding out more about SmartCap’s new product can head to their website www.smartcaptech.com.


    For all media inquiries please contact Ms. Kristy Hamilton:


  • SmartCap Technologies wins 2016 Queensland Exporter of the Year Award

    25th October, 2016
    The Premier of Queensland's Export Awards - October 20, 2016: Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Credit: Pat Brunet / Event Photos Australia

    The Premier of Queensland’s Export Awards – October 20, 2016: Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Credit: Pat Brunet / Event Photos Australia. 

    Last Thursday SmartCap Technologies received two awards at the Premier of Queensland’s Export Awards, including the top prize of the night.

    Competing with other successful Queensland businesses, SmartCap first took out the award for the Health and Biotechnology category for outstanding international success in medical, healthcare, biotechnology fields for products, technology, equipment or services.

    After the winners for each of the twelve different categories were announced, it came time to announce the winner of the top prize. SmartCap Technologies was the stand out Queensland business out of the twelve and they were awarded the 2016 Exporter of the Year Award.

    SmartCap Technologies CEO Mr. Dush Wimal who attended the awards night was overjoyed with the achievement and shared his excitement via social media.

    The Premier of Queensland's Export Awards - October 20, 2016: Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Credit: Pat Brunet / Event Photos Australia

    SmartCap Technologies CEO Mr. Dush Wimal. The Premier of Queensland’s Export Awards – October 20, 2016: Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Credit: Pat Brunet / Event Photos Australia.

    “This would not have been possible without the incredible team that we have and this includes our wonderful channel partners around the world.” Mr. Wimal said. 

    “Congratulations to the team! Now on to the Nationals”.


    The achievement automatically puts SmartCap Technologies in the running for the 54th Australian Export Awards, which takes place next month on November 24th.

  • PRESS RELEASE: Excitement builds for launch of new product ‘Life’ by SmartCap MINExpo 2016

    27th September, 2016

    Brisbane, QLD Australia – 27 September 2016- SmartCap Technologies, leader in driver fatigue monitoring, will be launching their new product Life at 10:30 am on September 27th 2016 at MINExpo 2016 in Las Vegas. Their new product will be a welcomed addition to their SmartCap line, which was first established in 2008 and has since contributed to getting their customers home safe, every day.

    SmartCap has always focused on producing unique alertness wearables that are comfortable, accurate and protect the user’s privacy. With the new product taking SmartCap to the next level, customers are expected to experience even more satisfaction with the new design features.

    What will set Life by SmartCap apart from the previous product offering is the focus on the end user. Although SmartCap innovators are keeping most of the new product details under wraps, they can reveal that there is a strong focus on creating a community of users.

    In a market saturated with inaccurate camera based fatigue monitoring technology, Life is a breath of fresh air for industries seeking an accurate alternative. No one is immune to the infectious pre-launch excitement, not even SmartCap Technologies CEO Mr. Dush Wimal.

    “Personally, I am really excited about the launch of our new product Life at MINExpo 2016.” Mr. Wimal said.

    “This is the biggest mining exhibition in the world and I can’t think of a better launch platform for Life than MINExpo 2016. SmartCap has already taken a market leading position in the Mining market over the last 12 months. With the launch of Life we will be able to help more people manage their fatigue and alertness anywhere, anytime.”

    Mr. Dush Wimal and the SmartCap Team will be at MINExpo from the 26th until the 28th of September at booth #28035. People that can’t attend MINExpo are welcome to visit the team at the American Trucking Association Conference from October 1st until the 4th 2016 at booth #1207.


    For all media enquiries please contact Kristy Hamilton on +61 7 3870 2554 or email

  • Australian Financial Review

    8th July, 2015

    SmartCap’s innovative solutions to address fatigue recently drew attention from Australia’s most respected financial news publication, the Australian Financial Review. The articles discusses the growing number of Australians having their brains monitored in the workplace with major Australian companies embracing SmartCap’s technology as a way of reducing the impact of fatigue on the safety and productivity of their staff.

  • SmartCap in an Office Environment

    6th July, 2015

    While SmartCap is mostly used in the mining and trucking sectors Fairfax reporter Peter Ker tests how SmartCap performs throughout the day in an office environment. Given SmartCap’s ability to measure alertness it is only a matter of time before users in all sorts of workplaces adopt the technology. High pressure roles such as nurses, surgeons, stockbrokers, lawyers, police and defence forces could all use SmartCap as their personal fatigue warning system.

  • SmartCap racks up half a million hours.

    13th April, 2015

    Australian miners pass 500,000 hours of monitoring operator fatigue with SmartCap.

    SmartCap has reached a significant milestone with more than 500,000 hours of operator hours captured by a major coal mining company in Australia. SmartCap has been deployed by a number of mining companies to monitor fatigue among operators in order to minimise safety incidents related to fatigue. SmartCap is a unique technology that measures brainwaves utilising electroencephalograph or EEG technology. By detecting the very low voltages that are generated on the skin due to brain activity SmartCap is able to analyse the EEG data and determine a corresponding level of alertness.

  • Welcome to the Cloud

    13th April, 2015

    SmartCap Technologies has developed SmartCap Remote that utilizes 3G or 4G networks allowing for remote monitoring of operator fatigue in real time.

  • Coal & Allied fighting fatigue with the SmartCap

    31st May, 2014

    May 2014 – NSW Mining video on Coal & Allied approach to fatigue management

  • SmartCap gains traction with miners

    1st September, 2013

    Sep 1, 2013 – The SmartCap fatigue monitoring technology is taking off around the world, with major mining companies implementing the solution across numerous sites, and EdanSafe successfully attracting early stage investment.