PRESS RELEASE: Companies make Life by SmartCap a part of their New Year’s resolution

Brisbane, QLD Australia – 1 February 2017- Companies across Australia, Africa and the U.S. have started off the new year with SmartCap Technologies innovative wearable, Life by SmartCap, to better manage the fatigue risk of their operators.

The comprehensive Life by SmartCap product suite started off 2017 strong after successful field testing of the sophisticated system since it’s late 2016 launch at MINExpo in Las Vegas.

Feedback from SmartCap Technologies current customers in NSW, Australia showed that 80% of operators agreed the LifeBand was comfortable to wear and 86% of those that had used the first generation SmartCap product wanted to switch permanently to Life.

Introducing the Life App to work hand in hand with the LifeBand empowers operators to manage their own fatigue anywhere, anytime. Life enables operators to monitor their fatigue to and from site on their own mobile device, in addition to the new ruggedized and dedicated in-vehicle Android based Life Display.

SmartCap Technologies have always believed that personal responsibility plays an important role in managing individual fatigue risk. Real-time alerts and individual reports present fatigue level data in a way which is easy for operators to understand.

The increasing interest in Life by SmartCap is a reassuring sign that companies are making their operators health, wellness and safety a priority for 2017 whether they are onsite, or offsite.

SmartCap Technologies VP of Global Sales Mr. Darryn Fisher shared his optimism and said “I am pleased and impressed that global organisations are becoming increasingly aware and leading the way in addressing fatigue risk in today’s working environment.”

“SmartCap is proud to partner with global industry leaders to deliver such an important initiative and get more operators home safe, every day.” Mr. Fisher said.

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